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Expansions Massage

Expansion Yoga and Massage needed an updated site for an operation change, view a summary of the rebuild we did for Cynthia Land to get her new site to reflect the state of her business today.

Project Deliverables

Project Overview

Working with Cynthia on the transition of Expansions Yoga + Massage was a rewarding rollercoaster of emotions and excitement. Guiding her through the shift from the beloved Silverdale studio to two new locations in November 2024 was both an honor and a thrill. I revamped her online presence by giving the website a fresh facelift, spicing up service offerings, and streamlining bookings with Wix. From updated color schemes to new headshots, we left no stone unturned. Together, we spread the word about the open house at the revamped Silverdale spot, ensuring a warm welcome for an even broader audience. Here's to new beginnings!

Client Testimonials

Dina brings an almost immeasurable but critical value to my business. For many the website will be the first impression my business makes on them,so being able to clearly and immediately communicate what I do is paramount. Dina has worked really hard to bring that vision forward.

Everyone I’ve talked with has found the website visually appealing and well-constructed.

I would definitely recommend Dina and I have!

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