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Project Overview

Revolutionizing Mark and Label Home's online presence, I collaborated on an impactful website for her Personal Organizing and Cleaning Service business. In their inaugural foray into a comprehensive online platform, we harnessed the dynamic features of WIX to spotlight her expertise. The website is anchored by a carefully curated portfolio, showcasing the tangible results of Catherine's diverse projects, from decluttering to creating harmonious spaces.

Focused on functionality and aesthetics, I utilized Wix's versatile tools to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience. The website not only serves as a digital storefront but also amplifies Mark and Label's reach and engagement with a broader audience. This project is more than a website; it's a visual testament to Catherine's professionalism and commitment to excellence, solidifying her presence in the digital landscape. I am privileged to have contributed to this transformative journey, crafting an online identity that mirrors the essence of her thriving Personal Organizing and Cleaning Service business.

Client Testimonial

Trying to figure out how to bring your essence online I find is difficult and can be overwhelming. Dina pulled the elements I liked from website templates, colors that I feel express my creativity, and my passion in home organization to a website. Dina got my website going with tenacity so that I can focus on the next phase in business.

She is detail oriented and communicates well. Throughout the process she had a shared document that had to do lists that showed her tasks and mine for the week which allowed me to see progress being made on the website each week and also kept me on track for tasks I needed to do to help move the progress of the website forward.

Mark and Label Home

Mark and Label Home offers personal organization services and home cleaning.

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