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Project Overview

I had an absolute blast collaborating with Shannon Scott and giving Creative Grace Homes a fresh digital makeover! From a spiffy new website to logo updates and snazzy business cards, we jazzed up her brand. But it wasn't just about aesthetics—we dove into enhancing the customer journey, ensuring a seamless experience for anyone navigating the home buying and selling process. Shannon's commitment to educating clients shines through, and it was a joy to contribute to her mission. Excited to see Creative Grace Homes flourish with its revamped look and a user-friendly touch! 🌟

Client Testimonial

Dina created a brand that is alluring and interesting. It's critical to set yourself a part, especially in my Industry. She brought many ideas and a fresh way to view myself which is difficult to do when we are trying to market our own business. Dina created design processes that have increased my confidence in sharing what I do and am passionate about when working with my clients and collaborating within the community I serve.

Dina was great she helped me see what she was seeing that need to be refreshed. The changes she made have made a huge difference and increased traffic to my website. Her natural ability to create made the whole process so much easier.

Creative Grace Homes

I worked with Shannon Scott, a real estate agent located in Littleton, Colorado to update her Website on GoDaddy to liven the Creative Grace Homes brand.

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